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What I’m Loving Right Now

July 24, 2011

We’ve been having 100 degree + days (and 90 degree nights!) here in the DC metro area, and I have to admit that it’s been miserable! Thank goodness, I’ve found some great new products recently to brighten my days! If you are also sweating it out right now (and, by the weather map, odds are you are), I suggest you try these great finds!

Caress Fine Fragrance Elixers Body Wash

I was fortunate enough to receive a bottle of this fantastic body wash to try, and I absolutely loved it! I must admit that, as a longtime devotee of all the finer body products, I wasn’t terribly optimistic that I would enjoy Caress. I tried the Sheer Twilight fragrance and highly recommend it. The fragrance actually reminded me of a much lighter version of Tom Ford’s Black Orchid! It lathers wonderfully and worked as both bubble bath and body wash. While this is a “musky” fragrance (black orchid and juniper oil), it does not have a heavy lingering smell that will compete with your chosen body cream or cologne. I am sure that this fragrance will be even more enjoyable in the Fall/Winter weather (when I normally prefer heavier scents). Pick this one up at the drug store, ladies–you’ll be glad you did!

Chanel Style Yeux Waterproof – Gris

In some sick way, I regret the day I decided to try this eyeliner, because now I simply cannot live without it. At $29.00 each, this is a great way to spend all that money you saved with the Caress body wash! Bottom line: Is it worth it? Absolutely, and then some! The “ebene” color is a lovely waterproof black that glides on smoothly and stays on all day. The DC humidity and long days at work hardly challenge this stuff. I wear it every day. I love it. What was life like before Chanel eyeliner? I hardly remember. It’s just that good! Find it online at, here.


A self-described “soft floral scent,” this really is one of the loveliest and cleanest scents I’ve found. It features a drop of vanilla in water as its signature. This fragrance also contains lotus flower and Bulgarian rose, with jasmine, freesia, and lush orchid. It finishes with warm amber and creamy sandalwood. The only downside of a fragrance this light is staying power. I keep a small bottle at the office for an “afternoon pick-me-up” scent experience!

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  1. July 27, 2011 5:10 am

    Thanks for the suggestion on eyeliner, Holly! I love eyeliner but always have such difficulty keeping it from traveling as the day wears on. Sounds like Chanel’s version might just do the trick!
    XO Piper

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